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4 Questions to Ask a Transportation Company

As the weather warms up and you plan special events with friends or family, you may be interested in a local wine tour. If the entire group plans on drinking, then play it safe by having a designated driver, like a professional one. That's where a party bus can come in and help your group. Here are questions to ask a transportation company before hiring them for those wine tastings.

1. How Many People Can You Transport?

According to Creatd, Inc, over half of the party bus providers are small businesses that have up to 10 vehicles in their fleet. Therefore, how many people they can take may depend on how early you book their services. If you need several party buses because your event is large, then they may be able to accommodate you. Ask about the type of cars they have for your transport. This way you can know that they can handle your entire group.

2. Does the Party Bus Have Special Features?

Party buses have their name for a reason. Many buses with stretched-out seats can accommodate large parties. They also have music features and oftentimes space for a dance floor. There's plenty of room to comfortably have snacks and other entertainment. When you use this type of transportation for a local wine tour, the fun will begin long before you have your first sip of wine.

3. Is There a Limit on Stops?

While your priority may be transportation to the wine tour, you may want to make some other stops along the way. For example, you may want to incorporate shopping. Maybe your group wants to eat out at different places. You may want to keep your party bus going the entire day. Ask what the transportation company's policy is for multiple stops and how it may affect the final rate.

4. What Is the Rate?

Speaking of rates, you need to know how much this service will cost. After all, all transportation companies don't charge the same rate. That's why it's so important to ask for an estimate to see what you could be paying.

Whether you need a transportation service for your local wine tour, wedding, birthday, or other events, our company has you covered. Call us today at Cachet Luxury Transportation with any questions you have. We look forward to assisting you with your fun event.

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